This Saturday, November 28th came with grim news on the Detroit Lions front as the team fired their head coach Matt Patricia and their General Manager Bob Quinn after two full seasons under .500. The team is currently spending a third season under .500 again when news about Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn come from the Detroit Lions.

Matt Patricia took over as the head coach of the Detroit Lions in 2018 and has the record of 13-29-1 since then. Bob Quinn became the General Manager for the team in 2016 and has maintained a record of 31-43-1 during this period.

Detroit Lions Owner Sheila Weighs In On The Decision To Fire Matt Patricia

Owner Sheila Ford Hamp opened up about the difficult decision in a statement on Saturday saying that both of them were “terrific people” and worked tirelessly hard for the Detroit organization. However, she further adds that “It just wasn’t working out”. Sheila mentioned that things didn’t work out the way she had hoped while hiring them into the team.

The decision came after weeks of deliberation on the subject. The team has been going back and forth on their decision to let go of Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn. As the team is currently midseason, Darrell Bevell, Detroit Lions’ offensive coordinator will act as the interim coach.

Bob Quinn will be replaced as the general manager by a team of front-office executives temporarily. This will include Kyle O’Brien, Rob Lohman, Mike Disner and Lance Newmark. For the rest of the ongoing season, they will be reporting to Detroit Lions President Rod Wood.

Team owner Hamp mentioned that the back-to-back losses suffered by the team against Houston and Carolina where the Lions had a clear shot at winning was the tipping point for the decision to replace Matt Patricia.

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