The Alabama Crimson Tides and the Auburn Tigers were face-to-face in the 85th sensational Iron Bowl event of 2020 that took place on Saturday, November 28th at the Bryant-Denny Stadium. The final Alabama vs. Auburn score was deadly. The No. 1 Alabama Tides completely wiped out the No. 22 Auburn Tigers in a 42 to 13 win for the Tides.

Alabama’s brightest football quarterback, Mac Jones shone as the brightest star on the field. Jones made a brand-new statement for the Heisman Memorial Trophy that is awarded annually to the most outstanding player in NCAA football. And with Jones finishing 18 out of a total of 26 passes for 302 yards along with 5 touchdowns in the Alabama vs. Auburn Iron Bowl, he will surely be considered for the Heisman honor.

Mac Jones tied the Alabama vs. Auburn record with 5 touchdowns in a game. This was the 7th game in his series of games in 2020 that has 2+ air scores.

Nick Saban “Proud” Of Alabama Tides For Their Outstanding Performance

A majority of the early predictions were tilted towards the Auburn Tigers this time as Nick Saban, the lead coach for the Alabama Tides was recently tested positive for the coronavirus and could not attend the game because of quarantine restrictions.

Nick Saban has a score of 12-2 on revenge games against teams who beat him either the previous year or that same year. And specifically, for the Auburn Tigers, he has a score of 4-0. So, in the Saturday Alabama vs. Auburn rivalry game, results were a bit dicey. However, Nick announces from home that he was impressed by the team’s performance. They performed like the best offense in the country. Steven Sarkisian acted as the interim coach.

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