College football history can be made by Sarah Fuller if she gets picked to play for the Vanderbilt Commodores football game on Saturday against the University of Missouri. There is a good chance of her being picked as Vanderbilt football coach Derek Mason mentions in a radio statement that Sarah Fuller is “an option” to play as the kicker for the Vanderbilt University’s football team.

Sarah Fuller On The Way To Make Football History

If Sarah Fuller plays for the game on November 28, Saturday as the Vanderbilt team kicker, she will become the first woman to play in the Power 5 Conference college game. The Power 5 includes the biggest of the athletic conferences like the SEC, ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference), Big 12, Big ten, and PAC-12 conference. Even if Sarah Fuller doesn’t play for Vanderbilt University on Saturday, she has still made history by being the first woman to get suited for an SEC conference game.

Vanderbilt kicker Sarah Fuller mentions in a statement that this opportunity is both incredible and amazing for her but she is trying hard to separate herself from the historical aspect of the news so that she can focus on the game properly. She further adds that she wants to help out the team by giving her 100% to this game. Keeping the excitement apart helps her focus on the real deal, Sarah mentions.

Sarah Fuller is a part of the Vanderbilt women’s team as a goalkeeper. She became a choice for the Power 5 as several Vanderbilt specialists are under quarantine due to the coronavirus, mentions ESPN. Vanderbilt coach Mason mentions that Sarah Fuller has got strong legs that can yield them good results in the upcoming game.

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