The holiday season is upon us and with that NBC brings a special musical rendition of Dr. Seuss’ Grinch, scheduled to air on the 9th of December at 8 p.m. The grumpy Grinch in the musical will be played by Matthew Morrison, best known for his incredible performance in Glee by Ryan Murphy.

The NBC special will be aired from London’s Troubadour Theatre and is supposed to introduce Booboo Stewart, Denis O’Hare and Amelia Minto as supporting cast. And to steal your Christmas, Matthew Morrison will be playing the lead role of the grumpy Grinch. NBC recently revealed the first look of Matthew Morrison and it has attracted a lot of attention from Twitter.

Twitter Floods With Roasts Of Matthew Morrison’s Look From NBC’s Musical Special, The Grinch

Matthew Morrison mentioned in a statement that his decision to choose this role is to bring some Christmas cheer to people’s homes after months of pandemic. He further added that the pandemic situation has posed a lot of challenges to the production, but it has not stopped them from remaking this adored series in a creative manner.

The series is based on Dr. Seuss’ book, How The Grinch Stole Christmas and the recently released teaser shows Matthew Morrison with a scowl trying to replicate the original Grinch wide-mouthed scowl.

However, the first look receives a lot of criticism from Twitter. Matthew Morrison appears on the show in a bushy green wig with green make-up, covered in green fur and talks about how he hates Christmas. Fans are mostly disappointed at the look as it doesn’t match up to the original. Twitter started flooding with tweets that roast the upcoming musical special by NBC.  

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