Matthew Perry, 51, gets engaged to his girlfriend Molly Hurwitz after dating her for 2 years since 2018.

Matthew Perry reveals the news of his engagement with Molly Hurwitz, 29, in a recent statement. He mentioned that he decided to get engaged to his long-time girlfriend. Matthew added a sweet comment about his fiancée, saying that he is dating “the greatest woman on the face of this planet” presently.

Molly Hurwitz Calls Matthew Perry Her Favorite In A Sweet Valentine’s Day Message Earlier This Year

The couple has been open about their relationship since a long time. Molly Hurwitz shared a Valentine’s Day special message for Matthew Perry earlier this year on Instagram. Her tribute mentioned that it is Perry’s second year of being her Valentine. Perry had joined Instagram just before that and the message also catered as a welcome text for him.

Matthew Perry who spent 10 years working on the unforgettable show, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, is a fan-favorite for his extraordinary sense of humor portrayed in the show. From setting best friend goals to best husband goals, Chandler, played by Matthew Perry has been an asset to the 10-year long sitcom. His role in the show and his relationship with Monica has set huge relationship goals for everyone watching it. He was also known for some of the best jokes in the sitcom universe. However, Chandler has come a long way, now that news about his engagement with Molly Hurwitz is making the headlines.

Matthew Perry and Molly Hurwitz also reportedly spent the holiday season together in 2019. But the 2020 holiday season just got a whole lot better with the news of this couple being engaged. Let’s wait to see what the couple plans on this year to pass the holiday cheers.

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