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Mercedes Varnado might be checking her Instagram messages a little more from now on.

In a brand new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the 28-year-old actress, who you might recognize as WWE’s Sasha Banks, revealed that the Disney+ show reached out to her for a role on The Mandalorian through social media.

“One day, for some reason, I was going through my Instagram DMs, which I normally don’t go through, and a casting director messaged me and said, ‘Jon Favreau really wants to interview you for something for Disney,’” Mercedes recalled.

After that, the process went really fast and before she knew it, “I got a FaceTime from him and he told me about The Mandalorian. I just couldn’t even believe it. At the click of my fingers, we were shooting on set and now it’s here. It’s so awesome.”

Mercedes plays a Mandalorian named Koska Reeves in the show and is a member of Bo-Katan’s Mandalorian unit known as the Nite Owls.

In one of the episodes, Kosha actually saves the life of Baby Yoda/The Child.

“It was so incredibly cool when I found out that I was going to save him. I just wanted to cry and scream…” she shared. “At the same time, it was so, so hard because that pram is really heavy and with my beskar on as well, it was hard. So he should be really thankful — and I think he is — that I saved him.”

If you missed it, you can see all the new Easter Eggs in the show here!

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