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Certain Thanksgiving foods are more beloved than others! While some people can’t get enough stuffing — a.k.a. dressing — others are partial to dishes including sweet potato casserole and deviled eggs.

House Method, a home design website, compiled a map breaking down the most most-searched savory Thanksgiving dishes in each state and the findings are pretty interesting. For example, while stuffing took the top spot in six states — including Michigan, South Carolina and Texas — mashed potatoes, another holiday staple, only reigned supreme in three locales across the country.

The map is based on search interest data from Google Trends. According to the intel, roasted turkey was the most-searched Thanksgiving recipe in nine states, while salad was another dish that proved to be the most popular holiday meal in six locations, such as New York and Washington, D.C.

Conversely, honey baked ham, deep fried turkey, scalloped potatoes and turkey took the No. 1 spot in only one state each.

The info also showed some intriguing trends, with sweet potato casserole winning in southern states like Alabama, Tennessee and North Carolina, and yams dominating out west in California, Nevada and Utah. The dish also reigned supreme in Alaska.

Not surprisingly, there were plenty of celeb-loved Thanksgiving dishes that also made the cut. Green bean casserole, which Kylie Jenner made and served once at a Friendsgiving celebration, was most beloved in five states including Idaho and New Mexico. Jenner also whipped up some turkey gravy — the favorite Thanksgiving food of people residing in Hawaii and Washington state — and stuffing which is well-liked around the nation.

For Chrissy Teigen, scalloped potatoes — the Turkey Day food of choice in North Dakota — is a holiday must. “My mom’s scalloped potatoes have been made in my home more than anything else. They’re creamy and loaded with both bacon and ham,” she told Vogue in December 2016.

Scroll down to see the most popular Thanksgiving food in every state and see if your favorite dish made the cut!

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