A latest Jordan Peterson book deal triggers Penguin Random House staff in Canada. The controversial psychologist, infamous for his hate speeches and his comment, white privilege is a “Marxist lie” is supposed to bring out a new book and the publishing deal has been taken over by Penguin Random House. The new book, namely, “Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life” will be released in 2021 March.

Recent reports tell us that in a company-wide meeting regarding the Jordan Peterson book deal, employees at Penguin Random House had an emotional breakdown. One of the employees stated that people cried in the meeting while talking about how Peterson has affected them.

Jordan Peterson’s New Book Faces Hiccup Due To The Protest By Penguin Random House Employees

Jordan Peterson, 58, a famous right winger, has spoken up against gender or human rights and so on. He was against a law that sought to make gender-based discrimination illegal in Canada. According to his earlier speeches, that particular law was criminalizing free speech. Peterson, a psychology professor at the University of Toronto, rejected the use of gender-neutral pronouns as did the University. Jordan Peterson stated his opinion in a statement. He said that these laws were limiting in nature and dictated what people are allowed to say.

Peterson is a renowned professor and Youtuber. His YouTube channel has approximately 3.2 subscribers. This is the platform he uses to expound his theories like white privilege is a “Marxist lie” and that masculinity is under global threat.

Employees at Penguin have approached the Diversity and Inclusion community of the company to express their grievances against the new book. They believe that the book is a slap on the face of other progressive steps taken by the company.

Penguin Random House employees have recently opened a feedback channel anonymously where they criticize the step towards publishing Jordan Peterson’s new book.

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