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Gilmore Girls is pretty famous for its really fast and speedy dialogue in the show, and in a new interview with the NY Times, the cast touches on just how speedy it really was.

“This was a show where if you changed one word, they would cut,” Yanic Truesdale, who played Michel, revealed in the feature.

Keiko Agena, who played Lane, echoed him, revealing that the feedback she always got “was, ‘That was great. Could we do it again, just a little bit faster?’”

Apparently, George Bell, the show’s dialogue coach, would ask guest performers to “Gilmore-ize” their performances, aka, “Speed it up. You’ve just got to speed it up.”

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Scott Patterson, who played Luke in the long running series and Netflix limited movie, even revealed that the speedy scripts prompted him and lead Lauren Graham to give up smoking.

“She needed her wind, and I needed my wind,” he explained, before revealing that rewrites on the already super long script (they were typically 20 pages longer than the norm), were turned around fast too.

He recalled one particular shooting day began with “a 10-page scene that came out of the writers room at 6:30 a.m.”

“Lauren and I were sitting in the makeup chair,” he shared. “We looked at each other with this abject terror, and then we got to work.”

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Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is currently airing on The CW all week long. Check your local listings for times and channels!

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