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Nancy Barry’s plan to crawl under the covers and call it a night was interrupted …

HENDERSON, Nev. — In 1984, Henderson, Nevada was a sleepy bedroom community of fewer than 30,000 people 15 miles from the Las Vegas strip. 

It was seldom in the news. 

That changed the night a suspect in a middle-of-the-night rock attack fled from sheriff’s deputies during a bathroom break at a Henderson filling station.

Welcome to “BLAME: The Fear All These Years,” a true-crime podcast produced by the 9NEWS investigative team, 9Wants to Know.

We’re telling the story of a series of hammer attacks in the Denver area in January 1984 that left four people dead …

Attacks that terrified a community … 

And investigations that were ice cold for decades before a breakthrough in 2018 that led to the identification of a suspect.

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It’s a story that will unfold in three parts.

Part I consists of five episodes. Listen to those episodes here

This is part II. (If you want a shortcut to all of part II, find it here.)

Part III will roll out in 2021 and follow new developments in the case.

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