Douglas Murray told talkRADIO Donald Trump voters in swing states may have been secretive about their intentions to back the current US President in the upcoming election. He added that voting for President Trump in recent years has been seen as deplorable and so his supporters may not openly admit that they are planning to vote for him. 

Mr Murray said: “The number of people who have been saying consistently that they have not been telling anyone else that they want to vote for Trump.

“Now here is the thing, everybody who wants to vote for Biden is very open about the fact.

“They go round in Biden and Harris masks.

“All over the country, you see people having Biden and Harris signs outside their homes.

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“But what about the Trump voters?

“Trump voters in my experience in both Republican and Democrat areas are very quiet about the fact that they want to vote for the President again.”

He added: “Voting for Trump in recent years despite the fact he won in 2016 has been seen as deplorable.

“So many people do not want to admit openly to their neighbours, even to their spouses that they might be voting for the President.

Mr Wolff replied: “Oh, yes. Without question. Without equivocation.

“Donald Trump is going away, disappeared.

“The only question is how big the landslide will be.

“Everyone knows it is going to be a landslide, but is it a 45-state landslide?

“That is the tension, not whether Joe Biden or Donald Trump will win.

“Joe Biden will win, Donald Trump is history.”

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