Be bad if you want to enjoy good sex. Learn how to ‘dirty talk’ when you can’t even ‘talk dirty’!!

“I want your hard, throbbing meat inside of me”, “You taste so frickin gooood”. You use these dirty talking phrases/lingo to your partner when you’re in a bit of classic in-out, in-out session, loud . and clear as day. 

Why do you use it? Because it felt good today at the moment? What can ensue from this is either you and your partner burst out laughing, or your partner ignores it and opts for silence in response to your dirty talk. Talking dirty is also called love talk, sexy talk, erotic talk that uses explicit words to increase sexual imagination during sex.

Many people use the under-appreciated ‘dirty talk’ because they think it’s HOT! In fact, many studies suggest that people who communicate how they feel during sexual intercourse are more likely to experience extreme pleasure and satisfaction than those who don’t.

Whenever you use it, or wherever rather, be it in the kitchen or at a bar, those sexy phrases can come across differently, depending on the situation: either naughty, hot, and awkward or plain filthy and disgusting

Now, if your partner is into these erotic chatter, and you’re not, talking dirty can seem daunting. Hence, we’ve dished on 6 tips for how to talk dirty without feeling like an awkward duck. 

1. Simple is sexy

It needn’t be too detailed. The trick here is to say things that are happening or things you want to happen. Trigger sentences could be anything from “I want”, “I feel”, or “I need”.  

You can use phrases like:

“I need you inside of me.”


“I want you to come all over my face.”

Just ease into it. Once you feel like you’re comfortable using simple dirty talk phrases, you can up your game by being more elaborate.

You could use…

“If we weren’t surrounded by people, I’d go down on my knees and put your tool in my mouth”


“I love seeing your nipples bouncing on me”

2. Make flattery… a little sexy

You know what they say… flattery will take you places. This holds true especially during sex, and for people who consider ‘words of affirmation’ as their love language. Just communicate with your partner regarding what feels great or if you’re feeling turned on with what’s going on. 

Before you begin with the experiment, ask your partner what they’d like to hear about their body. If they like to hear how tight, sexy, and warm (among other adjectives) they are, then use them to your heart’s content.

3. Read erotica

One of the best ways to ease into erotic chatter is by reading an erotic novel out loud,to your partner. Flip through pages until a steamy part comes along, and read them out loud, sexily. Doing so, you get to be more comfortable using raunchy lingo, and if it gets awkward at any point, you know that it’s not coming from you, but it’s just the book that saves you from that emotional risk. 

4. Make use of all the sensory organs

If you love the taste of your partner, let them know. If you love the way your partner moans and grunts, whisper it in their ear. These are the little things that matter while talking dirty. Imagine hearing or saying —

“I love to see you bent over for me”, “I love the taste of you when you’re wet”, or “I love the smell of your come”.

These dirty talk phrases can make a situation extremely sexy, leading to a hotter sex situation.

5. Always ask questions

Consent is always important. And it comes in handy, while you incorporate dirty talking into your sexual repertoire. By asking whether your partner likes it, how they’re feeling, or if they want more of it, will only land you more brownie points.

6. Laugh it off

Worried that you may sound silly? Who cares?! Sex is supposed to be fun, silly, and hot. It’s not fair for anyone to put so much pressure on dirty talking lingo or sex. Just have fun!

All in all, talking dirty is a way of banter… a dirty banter. It’s time to tap into your inner sex god/goddess and arouse and surprise your partner with your newly-found lingo like never-before. 

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