Continuity errors are the absolute worst! Fans of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ have dug out continuity errors about Sheldon Cooper. We wonder how Sheldon is coping with that!

When you have a show as popular and long-running as ‘The Big Bang Theory‘, it is undoubtedly hard to keep track of every little detail. Inevitably, there have been a few hits and some misses when it came to keeping track of Sheldon Cooper’s life in ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Fans have shifted their attention to the glaring continuity errors about Sheldon Cooper on the show. Keep reading to find them out!

Highlights —

  • Sheldon’s age at the time of his father’s death
  • The cat allergy confusion
  • How many birthdays can a person have?
  • Make up your mind, Sheldon!
  • Sheldon was arrested more than once

Sheldon’s age at the time of his father’s death

The confusion regarding the age of Sheldon at the time of his father’s death seems to be one of the continuity errors eating away at the brains of the fans. In one of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ episodes, Sheldon had mentioned that he was 15 years old when his father had died and his mother had to leave him at the Heidelberg Institute in Germany in order to attend to the situation.

There are continuity errors in Sheldon Cooper’s storyline

Sheldon The Big Bang Theory
Sheldon The Big Bang Theory

However, in the episode “The Thanksgiving Decoupling”, Sheldon mentions during a conversation with Bernadette’s dad that he was 14 years old when his father had passed away. The confusion could only mean two things – either Sheldon doesn’t remember the date of his father’s death clearly, or the writers had no idea what they were talking about.

The cat allergy confusion

How often does a serious allergy change into no allergy at all (rolling our eyes at you, TBBT writers)? At the start of ‘The Big Bang Theory’, the viewers were informed of the two and only two things Sheldon was allergic to – cats and bees. Leonard mentioned that the wild nose of Dr Cooper never allowed them to keep a pet. Surprisingly, Sheldon chooses to buy 25 cats while dealing with his break up with Amy. In fact, Sheldon becomes so obsessed with the cats that Leonard had to summon Sheldon’s mother to put some sense into his son. Apparently, Sheldon gave up the cats and his allergy!

How many birthdays can a person have?

Here’s a big one! Sheldon went from being a Taurus to a Pisces in just a matter of few seasons. At the beginning of ‘The Big Bang Theory’, Penny claimed Sheldon to be a Taurus. Penny, who loved and believed in horoscopes, said that Sheldon fits the description of Taurus traits perfectly. That should mean that Sheldon’s birthday falls between April 20 and May 20. It was not until the 200th episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ that the birthday of Sheldon is revealed to be on February 26. Penny remarks that she would never have taken Sheldon as Pisces. Since then, Sheldon’s birthdays have been on February 26th every year.

Make up your mind, Sheldon!

Given that Sheldon is pretty particular about his approved and disapproved choices, it does not make sense that Sheldon’s favourite pizza joint kept changing. The nerd gang was hardly known to cook and mostly had take out nights with one cuisine fixed for each day of the week (chosen and approved by Sheldon, of course!). At the beginning of ‘The Big Bang Theory’, the Sheldon chosen dealer for “Thursday Pizza Nights” was Giacomo’s Pizza.

A few seasons later,  Sheldon mentioned having got their pizzas from Franconi’s, which after going out of business moved their base to the Graziano’s. Giacomo’s pizza was completely left out of the equation, which seems unlikely especially with Sheldon’s obsessive idiosyncrasies.

Sheldon was arrested more than once

During a trip into the woods with Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, and Amy are forced to keep indoors because of the bad weather. The four decide to play a drinking game of “Never Have I Ever” in order to pass the time. During the game, Sheldon confesses of having been arrested for jaywalking once. Sheldon claimed that a cop had witnessed his jaywalking and was not willing to do anything about it. Naturally, Sheldon being Sheldon forced the cop into arresting him. Sheldon seems to be giving off the impression that it was the first and the final time he was arrested, which is not entirely true. Previously, Sheldon was locked up for hurling insults at a judge following his refusal to compensate Penny’s traffic ticket. In another instance, after trespassing into Skywalker Ranch, Sheldon was arrested, making Sheldon’s claim of having been arrested once false.

What continuity errors have you spotted about Sheldon in ‘The Big Bang Theory’? Let us know in the comments below!

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