The friendships in ‘One Tree Hill’ were what really held the show together. Starting from the best to the worst, ‘One Tree Hill’ made or broke the characters for the show’s entire run. Although ‘One Tree Hill’ made many right choices when it came to representing teenage life on screen, the show sometimes lacked accuracy in presenting friendships between teenagers, especially the female characters. Nevertheless, the show brought to the audience some of the most dynamic and memorable friendships of television.

The best and worst of friendships on ‘One Tree Hill’.

Highlights —

  • Lucas and Haley had the best friendship
  • Brooke and Peyton are literally the worst
  • Lucas and Nathan – Friends before Brothers
  • Peyton and Haley had the best female friendship

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Lucas and Haley had the best friendship

Hands down, Lucas and Haley top the list when it comes to the best friendships of ‘One Tree Hill’. It was adorable and the most interesting friendship in the show. At the time when ‘One Tree Hill’ made its debut, it was unconventional to present a friendship between the opposite sexes without the slightest hint of a romantic angle.

One Tree Hill friendship moments
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The show created a wonderful friendship between Lucas and Haley, which was supremely adorable, and left out the unnecessary romantic drama. Lucas and Haley formed a friendship as the two bonded over their similar tastes in music and books, as well as over broken hearts. They shared smiles and tears together and were there for each other despite all odds. The viewers experienced a major void when Lucas left at the end of season 6, which made his brief return in the ninth season all the more special. The ninth season episode that focused on Lucas and Haley’s friendship melted hearts as the viewers got to see the two together once again.

Commenting on Lucas and Haley’s friendship, a fan said, “I miss Lucas & Haley’s friendship in the later seasons they were always there for each other and it was refreshing to see a close guy & girl friendship. I loved their dynamic and how supportive they were of each other despite some issues”.

Brooke and Peyton are literally the worst

Like we said earlier, ‘One Tree Hill’ hit some and missed some when it came to representing friendships, especially if it involved girls. Brook Davis’ friendship with Peyton is literally one of the most toxic friendships on the show. The two girls have nothing in common, and Brooke makes it her life’s mission to get every guy Peyton’s interested in. Both Peyton and Brooke spend the entire series being at each other’s neck while pretending to be best friend’s goals all the while. Brooke is horrible with Peyton, hurling offensive remarks at her, even at poor Peyton’s worst moments. Peyton deserved a kinder friend, and for what it’s worth, Brooke Davis is definitely not it.

Lucas and Nathan – Friends before Brothers

The two brothers of the show, Lucas and Nathan, could have been at odds with each other during the initial episodes of the show, but soon they began to form a bond as the truth about their father’s wickedness brought them closer. The friendship into which their relationship evolved is incomparable with respect to any other friendship in the later years of the series. Lucas and Nathan shared their passion for basketball, which led to a meaningful friendship between them as they spent time on the basketball team together.

Peyton and Haley had the best female friendship

If there was one female friendship that ‘One Tree Hill’ nailed, it was the one between Peyton and Haley. Although Haley and Peyton had their differences during the high school years, their relationship was one of the most genuine onesduring adult years. Arguably, these two characters had the most things in common with their artistic souls and interest in similar music and art. Hell, the two even fell for the boys with the same last name! The two had one of the most honest to heart friendships that ‘One Tree Hill’ had ever presented. Haley and Peyton even went on to start a recording company together and could always count on each other.

Given that Peyton and Haley had one of the strongest friendships on ‘One Tree Hill’, fans were upset when the two departed. A fan said, “I also love Haley and Peyton and was kind of upset that they aren’t closer later on. They had a great dynamic at the start of the show. I would’ve wished that they stayed close”.

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