DCEU is going into overdrive with the multiverse! We are just sending signals to the universe about a team of Ben Affleck and Robert Pattinson as Batman facing some of the most iconic Bat-Villains.

Run Barry Run! It seems that Barry ran through the speed force to make AT&T buy WB. Since then, DCEU has taken a whole different turn. According to Movieweb.com, after confirmation of the Flash 2022 to be based on the Flashpoint storyline, Affleck and Keaton are reprising their Bat cowls in the movie. Recently, fans spotted a Flash Easter egg on Robert Pattinson’s Batman set in Chicago connecting the two worlds. If it turns out to be a reality, we well may have 3 Batman in the DC future at the same time. So, we thought of 5 villains that Ben Affleck and Robert Pattinson’s Batman may face together!

Ra’s Al Ghul – League of Shadows

While most of the Batman villains focus on raining havoc over Gotham city, Ra’s Al Ghul is a class apart. Born in 1430, in a nomadic tribe of Arabia, Ra’s Al Ghul heads the League of Assasins and is technically immortal.

In comics, Ra’s Al Ghul attains his immortality thanks to the Lazarus Pit. The Pit also gives Ghul high endurance, strength, telekinesis, and even flight. If you think that’s all, then no. Thanks to immortality, Ra’s Al Ghul is a master in Weaponry and Martial arts. He is one of the most gifted warriors with detective and chemistry skills resembled by only the Caped-Crusader himself. In a face-off, Ra’s can give a tough time to both the Bat-men of Affleck and Pattinson.

Besides, how about getting Liam Neeson in the DC multiverse? One can surely wish!

Dr Freeze In The Multiverse

It’s been a debate between Batman fans about whether to call Dr. Freeze a villain or not. More of an antihero, Freeze AKA Victor Fries, has a backstory with which most fans sympathize. Victor Fries, who wanted a cure for his wife suffering terminal illness, gets into an accident where he can only survive in sub-zero temperatures. Do you see that? He does not care for the riches, chaos, or destruction. But he kills people, so technically, he is a baddy. Moving ahead of the cringy Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dr.Freeze in Batman and Robin, the Scientist can beat both the bats cold!

Deathstroke – Resurrected With The Snyder Cut

Slade Wilson is a mercenary and a hired killer who has no qualms about jumping the borders to get the job done, no matter where the lines lie. In the end, Slade Wilson defers to whatever advantages he has, seeking loopholes in his code of honor to excuse betrayal and manipulation. We have already seen Joe Manganiello donning the mantle of Deathstroke in the end credit scene of the 2017 Justice League. There is also news that Zack Snyder will also be adding screen time for Deathstroke in his cut of the Justice League. So, we are sure to see Ben Affleck’s Batman facing off with Wilson. How about throwing in Robert Pattinson in the mix?

Joker – The Clown Prince of Crime

There can never be a list of Batman villains without the Clown Prince. Hell, Batman will be incomplete without Joker. As the legendary Heath Ledger’s Joker said in the Dark Knight :

 “I Think You And I Are Destined To Do This Forever.”

With the official inclusion of Jared Leto in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, we will see Leto facing off Affleck’s Batman. If Robert Pattinson’s Batman also somehow enters the DCEU, we may see both the Batmen fighting Leto’s Joker. It will be interesting to see if Joaquin’s Joker runs into any of the Bat-verses in the future. A team of two Jokers fighting off with two Batmans. It is some dreamy stuff. 

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Superman – The Death of Superman

Okay, so all of us can agree that we can never get enough of Batman v.s Superman. The thrill of Batman facing off the Kryptonian is unparalleled. Darkseid has taken control of Superman numerous times in the comics. A plot, which can be applied in the DCEU as well. We have seen a teaser in the 2017 Justice League of how lethal Superman can be for the whole Justice League.

Watch: Evil Superman Vs Batman

But you know, if there is someone who can stop even a rogue Superman is the Caped-Crusader himself. From the Dark Knight comic series to a Kryptonian style dual in World’s Finest Comics, both the DC stalwarts have faced off 16 times in the comic books. Guess who won more? Batman! Duh. A utility full of gadgets and ammunitions glazed with Kryptonite, and the boy scout will be on his knees. Henry Cavill fighting against Affleck and Pattinson in a movie! It is sure to bring the house down!! Hey, does anyone remember Brandon Routh?

There can be so many more villains facing off against the multiverse Bat-team. It is going to be amazing to watch Affleck and Pattinson as Batman fighting against the most iconic Batman villains. Oh, the dream!

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